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Empowering Active Ageing within Retirement Estates: Medwell SA’s Dedicated Services

Medwell SA is committed to providing specialised services within the retirement estate sector, designed to promote active and vibrant ageing among residents within their cherished community.

Holistic Healthcare for Retirement Estates

Elevating the Standard of Care in Retirement Estates: Medwell SA’s Insights 

Over time, Medwell SA has recognised a growing need for comprehensive healthcare services in retirement estates. Not all service providers possess the expertise to offer holistic care to existing and prospective residents. In addition to being the preferred service provider in select retirement villages, Medwell SA extends its commitment by delivering additional care and services across various retirement estates nationwide.

A Successful Retirement Estate should encompass a variety of care levels, which could include:

Primary Health Care (Preventative Care)

Access to a 24 hour Emergency support

Support Services within the comfort of the residents home when needed

Support with daily lifestyle activities in the residence or in assisted living units

Up to 24 hour home-based care within the comfort of your home

24-hour care within a Care Facility when home-based care is no longer viable.

Provision for specialised services to accommodate individual diagnosed with a form of dementia

What Medwell SA offer Developers or Retirement Estates

Sound and professional advice in the early planning and design stage of a retirement village.

Introduction to Expert Architects for the design of facilities

Cost Estimates for the provision of Primary Health Care and related services

Management and provision of a Holistic Health Care Service in proposed retirement villages

Management of all personnel related to the Health Care Services

All administration related to accounts of services rendered

Formulating marketing material with specific reference to Health Care Services and the proposed life style to be expected


Fostering Vibrant Ageing in Retirement Villages: Medwell SA’s Commitment

At Medwell SA, our services within the retirement village sector are dedicated to promoting an active and engaging lifestyle among residents within their community. We prioritize not only the clinical health of residents but also their social welfare and overall well-being, ensuring that they experience active ageing while enjoying the comfort of their residential home and community.

The following services exemplify our comprehensive approach to Holistic Health Care Services in villages managed by Medwell SA.

Primary Health Care

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Assisted Living

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Managed Home Care Services

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Management of Alzheimer and Dementia Care Facilities

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