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Who we are

Medwell SA focus on the principle of “Managed Home Nursing Care”, which ensures that the primary care of Medwell SA patients is continuous from Hospital/Rehab/Sub Acute to home. This guarantees that there is no interruption in the recovery process of the patient. Medwell SA works in conjunction with all relevant disciplines (GP’s, Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Social workers etc.) to form a multi-disciplinary team. Together we assess the medical history of the patient and provide relevant input to determine the Care Plan prescribed to our patients.

What we do

Managed care at home provides services based on the specific needs of individuals in the comfort of their own home. It provides a cost-effective alternative for prolonged hospitalization or institutional care.

A care plan tailored to the specific needs of the patient is adjusted to change it needs to prevent unnecessary services and reduces the cost as far as possible.

The involvement and inclusion of natural caregivers and relatives, as well as community support systems, add to the cost-effectiveness of the services. The care manager in liaison with a multi-disciplinary team ensures a quality service that can be adjusted to specific needs of the individual tailor-made to their personal and medical needs.

Medwell uses the process of care management to ensure that real needs are addressed in co-operation with the patient/client and all relevant role players. A comprehensive care plan is compiled in co-operation with a multi-disciplinary team involved with the patient (relatives; doctor; hospital; therapists; community resources, etc)

The care manager coordinates and manages the services in liaison with a registered nurse. The registered nurse does a full assessment of the patient’s needs in a hospital or at home prior to the commencement of services to establish specific needs.

A care team (care manager; registered nurse; personnel manager) identifies a trained and experienced caregiver according to the specified needs of the patient. Regular monitoring visits are carried out at home in accordance with the care plan to ensure high quality of service delivery.

Services can be adjusted anytime according to personal circumstances and needs of the patient. Medwell will negotiate on behalf of the client with a medical aid for available benefits.

Home Nursing

We provide around-the-clock nursing care for seniors. We also offer short-term rehabilitative visits following surgery, illness or injury which may require physical therapy.

Nursing Procedures

Patients are being discharged at a much earlier stage than in the past from acute and sub-acute hospitals. Medwell are now providing a variety of procedures at home.

Retirement Estates

Our frail care services at the retirement estates provide a new lease on life with all of the amenities they have to offer. The estates offer a desirable lifestyle and safety features.

Medical Equipment

We distribute the best quality medical supplies (e.g wheelchairs, rehab equipment) and consumable products in order to improve the quality of life people need.

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