The Medwell IVI Clinic

To further enhance the value proposition to our medical scheme partners we introduced the Medwell Intravenous Infusion Clinic. This clinic makes provision for clients who are able to travel to our clinic for intravenous administration of medication/fluids. The impact from a funder’s perspective will be a further reduction in the cost of administering IV medication.

Medwell Intravenous Infusion Clinic

About the Clinic

The clients can be assured of a comfortable, monitored environment where supervised administration is performed by trained personnel (RNs and Enrolled Nurses all Basic Life Support certified) in a facility equipped and stocked to handle all adverse events (especially anaphylactic shock).

For patients who are mobile but do not have access to transport, we offer Medical Assisted Transport that will be available for clients within a 20km radius of the IVI clinic to the patients for their treatment. The first of our Intravenous Clinics has been commissioned as from December 2019 in the Centurion area and will be followed by similar developments in major metropolitan areas during 2020.

Intravenous Clinic

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