Our marketing team had the honour of spending the day with the carers and residents at Jacaranda Park Retirement Village recently to see what the team has been up to and also get a glimpse into what a typical day at this retirement village consists of.

Being quite a large retirement village, it is also the second oldest of the senior living communities of the Trans-50 Association. It is dignified and tranquil, set in the loveliest of gardens within a highly sought-after residential area, and offers independent apartment living.  As Jakaranda Park is specifically designed for the active and independent over 50s, our team was welcomed with a distant sound of music and laughter while some of the residents were busy with their weekly exercise!

The residents have a workroom where they get to do sewing and are currently busy making bags and quilts for an upcoming bazaar!  

Jakaranda does not offer frail care, but they do offer visiting nursing services and home care by Medwell, with our amazing Sister Hermien Naude being there to administer services to the residents on Thursdays which include primary health care like monitoring blood pressure, and blood glucose, temperature, and heart rate, medication management and vaccinations (like flue) as well as wound care and home visits. 

What was striking is how incredible the interaction between the caregivers, Sister Hermien, and the residents are – with a clear respect and friendship that has developed over time.  There are two incredible caregivers who work shifts.

Our team got a tour of the village and gardens and also got to see the interaction of some of the home care which Medwell offers.  The pristine gardens offer a homely feel and you can see the residents enjoys them.  Even though we got to talk to many of the residents, the oldest resident who is 93 shared his incredible life with us through photos and art, as well as furniture he had built himself.

We applaud the management and especially Sister Hermien and the carers and nurses for everything they do at this retirement village!!! See a list of Medwell services here:   www.medwell.co.za

See the gallery of photos below!