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With a dedicated focus on Managed Home Nursing Care, we are committed to delivering uninterrupted care that seamlessly transitions from Hospital, Rehabilitation, or Sub Acute facilities to the comfort of your home.

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Our Vision

Pioneering Excellence as Premier Providers of Comprehensive Home Healthcare and Wellness Solutions.

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Our Mission

At Medwell SA, we are dedicated healthcare allies working tirelessly to ensure a seamless flow of care. We provide a comprehensive range of healthcare services and essential products tailored to your chosen environment, empowering you to savor a life of utmost quality. Our multidisciplinary team of experts is committed to evaluating, addressing, and nurturing your well-being. Through a blend of personal attention and professional expertise, we strive to redefine healthcare and enhance your journey to well-being.

Our Core Values

  • Empathy: Ensuring the continuity of a high-quality life at home with compassion and dignity.
  • Customization: Providing a Home Wellness solution that matches your unique clinical and financial situation.
  • Trailblazing: Leading the way with innovative technology-driven services and products to enhance compliance and optimize Home Wellness.
  • Trust: Upholding integrity by treating clients, partners, employees, and providers with utmost respect.
  • Dedication: Serving as a lifelong partner, delivering dynamic, all-encompassing Home Wellness services and products.


Accessible Home Nursing without Medical Aid Approval

Explore the possibility of home nursing services even without the need for medical aid authorization. Reach out to us to learn more.

    • Pioneers in Managed Home Nursing and Care Solutions since 1997
    • Expert Managed Care within the Comfort of Home
    • Seamless Transition after Hospitalization
    • Smooth Reintegration following Rehabilitation Stays
    • Across All Age Groups
    • Comprehensive Holistic Health Care Services within Retirement Villages
    • Serving Across the Nation
Meet the team
Prof Oppel BW Greef Medwell

Prof. Oppel B.W. Greeff

Chief Executive Officer

Prof Oppel BW Greef Medwell

Gerhard Lombard

Executive Director

Prof Oppel BW Greef Medwell

Johann Kruger


Prof Oppel BW Greef Medwell

Dr. Janet Strauss

Medical Director

Prof Oppel BW Greef Medwell

Delene Lombard

National Human Resource Manager

Prof Oppel BW Greef Medwell

Carina Crane

Financial Manager

Prof Oppel BW Greef Medwell

Sr. Amanda Louw

Nursing Services Manager

(Gauteng, Freestate, KZN and Limpopo)

Prof Oppel BW Greef Medwell

Sr. Leni Naude

Nursing Services Manager

(Western, Southern and Eastern Cape)

Our Nursing Staff

At Medwell SA, our team consists of diverse nursing professionals, including Registered Nurses, Auxiliary Nurses, Enrolled Nursing Assistants, and Care Workers. Each qualification level adheres to a specific scope of practice, which we strictly uphold. All our staff, except for Care Workers, are registered with the South African Nursing Council. In addition to our nursing team, our Care Managers play a pivotal role in effectively overseeing our services.

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At Medwell, we are driven by our desire to give you the holistic home healthcare that you deserve.  Don’t hesitate to book your service today.