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It is important to understand our process to implement a service. Please take a look below at what happens before any service can be performed.

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Pre-service Procedures

Your initial contact will be with a care manager who will coordinate and manage the services in conjunction with a multi-disciplinary team. First off, the patient will be clinically assessed. This assessment is compulsory and will be performed by a registered nurse. It forms the basis of the Care Plan Medwell SA will advise on for implementation.


When the assessment is scheduled, a Registered Nurse will conduct a clinical visit at the patient’s home or the hospital/facility. During the nursing assessment, the medical history and the clinical information of the patient, as well as the needs of the patient are determined. The Care Manager, in conjunction with a Registered Nurse, as well as a multi-disciplinary team, will present a Care Plan as a prescribed guideline.

When Medwell SA receives the required authorisation from the Medical Aid, or a Care Plan is agreed upon, it forms part of the post-evaluation procedure. Medwell SA will compile a report of motivation for this authorisation from the medical aid. The report, together with the medical history, diagnosis, ICD – 10 codes (diagnostic codes) and a letter of motivation from the treating Medical Practitioner be sent to the Medical Aid.

Based on feedback from the Medical Aid, we let you know who will be responsible for the nursing fees charged (either the medical aid or the account guarantor).

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Home Care Service Procedure

Once the implementation of a home care service plan is determined, the care plan is implemented as follows:

  • A Registered Nurse introduces the care worker to the patient and relatives.
  • The care plan and duties of the caregivers (care worker, enrolled nursing assistant and auxiliary nurse) are explained to the patient and family members
  • Orientation is provided to the caregiver (care worker, enrolled nursing assistant and auxiliary nurse)
  • The Care Plan is followed and daily recordings are documented. These recordings include daily observations, overall hygiene, aspects of mobilisation, (and are not limited to) specialised medical procedures.
  • Follow up visits
  • Attending practitioner feedback.

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